14 Meaningful Secret-Santa Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Is it Secret-Santa season? Being someone’s secret Santa can be exciting and scary, especially if the giftee is a teenage girl. You want to give her something that is thoughtful and meaningful so her day becomes special. With so many options at your disposal, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Here is a guide consisting of a curated list of Christmas gifts you can give a teenage girl. Let’s go!

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Teens are artistic and never hold themselves back from creative expression. Also, they love to dance to their own tunes. Hence, a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker makes for one of the popular Christmas gifts for teen girl

The speaker can be used when she is by the pool, in the shower or embarking on outdoor adventures. You can opt for portable speakers in trendy colours and designs so they can elevate her style. 

Custom-Made Jewellery 

Teenage girls love dressing up and following the latest trends. So, you can consider giving her trendy jewellery. The gift can be made meaningful through customisation. You can give her a personalised necklace or bracelet with the initials of her name engraved on it. This will be a thoughtful gesture and remind her of you whenever she is wearing it. 

Set Of Essential Oils 

Teenage girls go through lots of stress and anxiety. It is a confusing time for them, and a set of essential oils might be the perfect gift to help her calm down. You can also throw in a diffuser so she can use it with the essential oils and create a relaxing atmosphere in her room. 

Popular scents are eucalyptus, lavender and citrus. These scents are known for their mood-lifting capabilities. 


Giving her a journal is a subtle way of motivating her to write down her thoughts. This encourages self-reflection and is a thoughtful gift that reminds her to stay focused on the positive aspects of her life. 

Quirky Phone Case 

Accessorising phones is one of the popular hobbies of teenage girls. You can give her a quirky and funky phone case so she can dress up her phone. Ensure the colour and design match her style. 


Books are the best friend of voracious readers. If she is a bookworm, you can give her a good book to read. A subscription to audio books might also be a thoughtful gift. 

Polaroid Camera 

Polaroid cameras allow users to instantly capture memories and document moments. They offer a tangible way to store memories. 

Stylish Accessories 

A fashion-forward beanie, scarf or pair of sunglasses can be an excellent addition to her wardrobe. Choose a style and colour that complements her fashion sense. 

Spa Membership or a Spa Day Voucher

Who doesn’t appreciate a day of pampering? You can give her a spa day voucher or a spa membership for a year. A day at the spa will do wonders for her and can be an opulent treat. It will allow her to forget about her worries and revitalise. 

Personalised Photo Album 

Customised photo albums are a thoughtful gift. The album can be filled with memories and pictures together. You can also give it a personal touch by including captions or notes. 

Subscription to a Streaming Service 

OTT platforms offer a convenient way to consume content via the Internet. These platforms allow users to binge-watch their favourite TV shows and movies on the go. It can be viewed on smartphones, laptops or tablets. 

Every teenager is hooked on these platforms as they offer them respite and an escape from reality. So, you can give them a subscription to Spotify, Disney+, Hulu or Netflix as a Secret-Santa gift. 


If she enjoys cooking and experimenting with different cuisines, you can gift her a cookbook consisting of delicious and easy recipes. The recipes can be tailored for teenage girls so they can quickly enhance their cooking skills. 

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are part of the wellness industry and allow people to rejuvenate and relax in the comfort of their homes. By gifting her a set of bath bombs, you will ensure she enjoys a delightful bath time whenever she is feeling stressed. 

Workshops or Courses 

Is she passionate about something? Whether it is a hobby or a subject, you can enrol her in a workshop or a course. It can be online or offline. This is going to accentuate her knowledge and help her develop new skills. 


Secret-Santa gifts must come from the heart. The meaningful gifts mentioned above can be items to consider, but you must consider her personal choice, style and interests when choosing the right Christmas gift. For instance, if she is interested in music, a portable Bluetooth speaker or a musical instrument will make for an apt gift. If she enjoys painting, art supplies will be appreciated by her.

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