How to Turn Your Spare Room Into a Home Music Studio

If you enjoy writing and singing songs or having fun making new music using various instruments and a computer, you would undoubtedly love to have a music studio. The trouble is, renting studios for recording sessions can get expensive. But, what if there was a way you can do all that from the comfort of your home? Setting up a music studio at home is perfectly possible, and it’s something even well-known musicians do around the world. If you’ve got a spare room or small bedroom doing nothing, here’s how you can repurpose it into a dedicated music studio:


If you live in a house attached to your neighbours, they might get annoyed if you play music at loud volumes from your music studio. Thankfully, one practical solution to that problem is to soundproof your spare bedroom. Did you know that you can purchase acoustic foam and attach it to your walls and ceiling, significantly reducing the sound heard through your walls? You may also wish to upgrade your window to new double or triple glazing for further insulation.

Invest in Drum Shields

Do you feature a lot of percussion in your music? If so, it makes sense to buy some drum shields. They get made from plexiglass and serve two purposes; firstly, they aid with soundproofing, and secondly, they help with your room’s sound tuning.

Upgrade Your Electrics

You’ve probably only got one or two standard double sockets on your bedroom walls. Now’s the time to upgrade your electrics by having the wiring renewed and adding extra power points for your music studio. The reason you’ll want to do that is that you’ll have plenty of electrical equipment you need to power, and using extension bars isn’t a safe way to do that.

Add Some Shelving

Next, you’ll need to install some sturdy shelving for your music equipment and things like monitor speakers. What’s more, adding strong shelving will ensure nothing will come crashing down during the middle of a jam session, for example.

Upgrade Your Lighting

You’ve probably only got one light in the middle of your bedroom ceiling. It makes sense to remove it and install some LED downlights to make your music studio bright and professional. If you opt for daylight LED downlights, you and anyone else in your music studio will feel more inspired to come up with creative content. Standard “warm glow” lighting will likely just make you want to relax and have a nap.

Get a New Carpet

You might think there’s nothing wrong with your existing bedroom carpet. However, it makes sense to upgrade to a premium carpet along with suitably thick underlay. Why? The answer is simple: it’ll help absorb the sound created in your music studio. What’s more, your music studio will also look more stylish with a modern carpet.

Paint Your Walls With Bright Colours

Lastly, don’t forget to choose some bright and vibrant paint colours for your walls. Doing so helps you be more creative and helps to stimulate the brain.

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