Update Your Child’s Bedroom In Less Than A Day!

Children’s bedrooms are usually one of the most fun rooms in a house to decorate; they’re packed full of personality. From unicorn themes through to dinosaurs, we know how much little ones love to see their favourite characters in their own special space. But as we all know, children grow quickly and their tastes change by the day, which is why it’s important to create a decor that can be easily adapted and changed as your child grows. Here, we share some of our favourite ways to take a blank canvas of a room into a children’s paradise quickly and simply; you can update your child’s bedroom in less than a day! These are all tips that we considered when creating our three year old’s unicorn themed, pink bedroom… as you can imagine, we wanted to future proof that one for when she’s out of the unicorn phase! Read on for our tips…

Consider A Feature Wall

Feature walls came in in a big way a number of years ago and haven’t really gone away, which just goes to show you how well they work. A feature wall allows you to pair neutral colours in the room with a bolder single wall, often best placed behind the headboard of the bed. Whilst you can always go down a paint route, we love the pairing of a funky wallpaper especially for children’s rooms. Why not look at introducing some of their favourite characters or bringing in a mural scene, maybe even go for a backdrop of trees or mountains? Companies such as Ever Wallpaper offer a huge range of choices which can be applied quickly and transform a room in a matter of hours (they’ve got a great inspiration section as well if you need a bit of help!). Our advice would be to choose the wall where the bed is to make most impact and avoid spaces that have windows or doors for you to paper around  As your child grows, simply remove the paper and replace with a new one based on their new interests. Easy!

Upgrade the furniture

When upgrading your child’s bedroom, one exciting option is adding unique and playful furniture pieces that can transform their space into a magical retreat. A treehouse bed with a slide not only provides a cozy and comfortable sleeping area but also adds an element of adventure and fun to the room. With a treehouse bed, your child can embark on imaginative journeys, sliding down from their bed and creating endless hours of entertainment. These beds often come with built-in storage options, allowing you to optimize the space and keep the room tidy.

Freshen Up Your Prints

If changing the walls themselves isn’t an option, why not freshen up their artwork instead. Often we think of artwork as expensive but it really needn’t be. For our children we use a mix of low cost frames such as those from Ikea and then update the prints every so often to reflect their interests. Many sites now offer affordable prints – we use places such as Desenio and Etsy – which come in the post, there are many individuals who also create artwork for you to download and print at home saving both time and money. Or, why not personalise it even further and get your child to create their own artwork for frames – kids love seeing their creations up on the wall and you can change them as often as you like!

Add Pops Of Colour

Your child is suddenly REALLY into pink/orange/green but you don’t want to splash that all over the walls? Pops of colour on a neutral base can have just as much effect and be easier to change in the future. The key is to have a base colour that will work with a variety of shades which is why we’re big fans of a soft white wall colour and neutral curtains (curtains can be expensive to change so we recommend keeping these nice and neutral for longevity!). Then you can add in your colour pops in different ways – perhaps a half wall of paint in one place, a couple of strategically placed cushions or a blanket on the end of the bed. You don’t need to spend lots to have an impact and you can easily change these in a couple of year should their tastes change. As an example, we have a big pink fan and opted for a grey and white base for the room, then using a half wall of pink paint, a couple of pink cushions and a pink chair throw to bring in the colour – it fits her needs whilst still being tasteful and I’m confident that if she suddenly hated pink, we could change it quickly and at minimal cost!

Still looking? Prada Planet have lots of ideas for updating decor on a budget!

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