RV Camping with Kids: 7 Things to Do on the Road

Being a parent is a difficult task but taking a trip is a great way for mums and dads to celebrate important dates with family. When going on a trip in an RV with their children, parents should think through everything to the smallest detail. It seems that you only need to pack your things, check the condition of the car, pack food and snacks, and hit the road. First of all, many people who want to go RV camping must take care of the means of transportation. Some people prefer to rent an RV if they make such trips several times a year. Other avid travelers around the country make numerous trips to the amazing camping sites and prefer to get camper vans to make everything easier.

After that, you should take care of a lot of paramount tasks. You need to pick the best camping tents and shop for camping supplies. It is difficult to take care of everything and not forget the slightest detail because one wrong action or a pass in the organization of RV family vacations can turn your trip into a real nightmare. When you arrive at a camp or scenic location, you will find many activities to take care of. However, while on the move, you need to find fun activities for kids, as road trips can be lengthy.

In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips on how to organize your kids’ travel choices so you can keep them engaged and learn new things.

Plan Ahead of Time

Before heading out on the road, you need to plan each item, prepare stocks of things and food, and also read useful camping tips that can be indispensable during the first trip. You should understand that you may have a poor connection or no Internet access during your trip, so you cannot rely on being able to prepare for everything during the trip. You should choose in advance the most preferable and scenic winter destinations that will delight both you and your children. Also, you should take care to package educational games and other necessary things to entertain your children.

Best Ways to Engage Kids on the Road Trip

A road trip during coronavirus is a great way to spend a vacation or weekend with your kids and take care of the health of your family members. We will offer options for ways to entertain and educate children on a long trip.


The best remedy for the soul is music. Every person on this planet will agree with this statement. Music surrounds us everywhere, and road trip songs allow you to cheer up, increase vivacity or even lull your children to sleep. You can find the best songs that all family members like. You have the opportunity to sing along with your favorite singers or study lyrics that will help your children enrich their vocabulary or even learn grammar.

Board games

Board games are fun for all family members. You can have fun and while away the time noticeably during your long trip across the country. However, not every board game is suitable for a road trip. The roads are different. You can drive on an asphalt road for an hour, and then you will find yourself on the off-road, where everything will fall. The best tool would be games that hold their elements with a magnet. It can be chess, checkers, papercrafts, or tic-tac-toe. Such games are suitable to develop logic and mental abilities, as well as critical thinking.

Audiobooks or podcasts

You can find a huge number of children’s audiobooks or podcasts on the Internet. The main thing is to take care to download them in advance for the first trip. You can download all the audiobooks about Harry Potter and the world of wizards that both adults and children will like. When listening to books, you will learn about some events that were not shown in the films. You can also find educational podcasts that your kids can learn a lot from. You can choose from a variety of topics from informative travel podcasts to entertaining humorous audio recordings.

Learning new skills

You are about to set off on an exciting journey across different fantastic locations. You will take your camcorder and make mind-blowing videos of your camping trip, as well as take photos and capture breathtaking views. After your trip, you will want to share your videos with your friends or children can use these videos for school projects. Due to this, you may need one of the video editors for beginners. During your trip, you can take the time to learn how to create great videos. You will want to learn how to apply effects, add background, or how to make a voiceover. In case you’ll have no time to show this manually, prepare a screencast. Use screen video recorder to create easy-to-understand tutorial for repetition.


Origami will be a great way to entertain children. In bookstores, you can find many educational books with diverse models. Children will learn how to create paper crafts with their own hands. They can make cars, animals, flowers, fantasy characters, and more. This method of entertainment allows you to develop fine motor skills of the hands, concentrate on the task at hand, and also develop an eye.


Crosswords are one of the learning games that you can take on the road. They help develop erudition, memory and hard work. You can find themed crosswords about tourism, travel, sightseeing, and more. All you need is to find such crosswords on the Internet and print them so that it is convenient for children to solve riddles in an RV.

Physical activity

Long-distance travel is characterized by the fact that you do not move much. This is why it is important to find exercises that can be done in a house on wheels. Unlike cars, a motorhome has more space to exercise even while standing. You can do fitness on the road, stretching exercises, and endurance exercises. You can also make a list of exercises for your dad who is driving. Find exercises to stretch your neck, arms, and back. Physical activity will improve your mood, give you vigor and relieve you of painful sensations.


RV camping is a great way to travel and spend time with your family and children. You can find many stops for camping and nature exploration. Traveling on the roads takes a lot of time. In this regard, you should use our helpful tips to find fun for the whole family and to keep your children educated.

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